Drug Abuse Prevention

The Drug Abuse Prevention Consultant is responsible for the research, analysis, and development of activities pertaining to drug abuse prevention in schools; ensuring the planning, coordination, and delivery of an action plan related to drug abuse prevention in collaboration with both internal and external partners; the development of activities related to drug abuse prevention/intervention services; coordinating the implementation of professional development; establishing connections with community resources to work in collaboration with in-school personnel with a view to addressing the drug abuse prevention needs of students.

Healthy & Safe Schools

The Healthy and Safe Schools Consultant supports the schools in the implementation of the Ministry of Education action plans with respect to preventing violence in the schools as well as promoting good habits pertaining to healthy behaviours.  Additionally, the consultant supports the schools in the process of doing a needs analysis with regard to the level of their present security and health status; facilitates the communication between the schools, the CIUSSS and various community organizations.  The consultant assists the school team in the implementation of concerted actions and activities that will address the prevention and promotion of health as well as promote good school climate and good relations among students

Project Harbour

Project Harbour Behaviour Management Specialists
Provide short-term assistance to classroom teachers, administrators, and support personnel in coping with students with behavioural difficulties. They introduce school personnel to effective and innovative strategies and techniques that are specifically designed to improve classroom climate by reducing negative, disruptive behaviours that affect learning. They do so through direct intervention, coaching, professional development, and the sharing of resource materials.

Project Harbour Behaviour Technicians
Assist the Behaviour Management Specialists in providing support services to the teachers and behavior technicians working with students with behavioral difficulties; they model and coach best practices, strategies and techniques; they provide research-based resource information and programs aimed at enhancing student self-esteem, self-control and social-emotional well-being; they collaborate with the Behaviour Management Specialists in providing in-service training and professional development.

Traumatic Events Support Team

Student Services Department Trauma Team, comprised of mental health professionals (psychologists, guidance counsellors, youth counsellors, etc.) provide support to schools when in a crisis and follow up with respect to the provision of resource material for the school in question.