Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman is an independent and neutral individual who must be designated by the Council of Commissioners and is mandated to:

  • inform student(s) or their parent(s);
  • direct their inquiries to the appropriate person;
  • receive, investigate and give an opinion on the merits of a complaint to the Council of Commissioners in order to recommend, if required, any appropriate corrective measures.

Please refer to the By-Law no.8 for more information.

The Student Ombudsman may only make recommendations to the Council of Commissioners; the Student Ombudsman cannot reverse or modify any decision, nor revise any by-law, policy or procedure of the School Board.

How to Contact the Student Ombudsman

Me Laurence Sarrazin, Student Ombudsman
C/O English Montreal School Board
6000 Fielding Avenue
Montreal, Quebec H3X 1T4
Tel: (514) 483-7200, ext. 7880

The Student Ombudsman does not act as counsel to the student’s parents or the student.