McGill Effective Parenting Series: Parenting in the Digital Age is being offered at no cost this year

Montreal - Friday, October 16, 2020

With the COVID Red Alert in effect and autumn’s pandemic fatigue setting in, Montrealers have retreated to their screens for work, socialization, enrichment, shopping, and entertainment. Getting kids and teens to disconnect from their devices is a daily struggle, and many parents are left wondering how much screen time is too much?

Enter the McGill Effective Parenting Series: Parenting in the Digital Age, three FREE masterclasses are given by experts from McGill’s Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (from the Faculty of Education). Whereas the annual parenting series used to have a subscription ticket price of $80 and a cap of 100 participants, this year’s masterclasses are going virtual at no charge and are open to a broader audience (with a max of 300 households).

The McGill Effective Parenting Series will focus on learning digitally, living digitally, and playing digitally, exploring topics such as:

  • Research-based best practices for students’ online learning, from elementary school to university?
  • The promise and peril of social media and the web.
  • How to spot signs of video game addiction in youth.

Zoom sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings October 21, 28, and November 4.

7:00 PM Talk 
7:45 PM Audience Q & A (lasting until 8:15 PM)

Session #1:Students & Screens: The Impact of Digital Learning
Featuring Dr. Adam Dubé

Session #2:Social Media, Cyberbullying and Surfing
Featuring Dr. Victoria Talwar

Session #2:Youth Gaming: How much is too much?
Featuring Dr. Jeffrey Derevensky

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