Resource Program

Lester B. Pearson High School Academics

Resource Program

Lester B. Pearson High School has a highly successful Resource Program. The program is geared to students who have learning difficulties.

The Resource Program consists of two streams - students may be enrolled in an integrated class or in an enclosed class. In either case, the students follow a regular grade level program with adaptations.

Integrated Classes

Students in an integrated class are part of the regular stream program but also have access to the Learning Centre. The Learning Centre provides these students with a space where they will receive personalized help with evaluations and class work.

Enclosed Classes

Students will be enrolled in enclosed classes for Math, English Language Arts, French Second Language, Science & Technology, Geography, and History and Citizenship from Secondary I to IV.  In Secondary 5, students are enrolled in an enclosed class for Math, English Language Arts, and French Second Language.

These classes consist of a smaller group setting, and students may receive adaptations depending on their academic needs. As such, they are also entitled to Assistive Technology as well as extra time to complete tasks.

All students in the Resource Program follow an IEP (Individual Education Plan). This document outlines each students’ specific areas of needs and concerns with objectives and strategies designed to help achieve academic and social success.

Moreover, students are taught study skills, work habits, reading and writing strategies, and organizational skills.

Students write the regular midterm, final, and Ministry exams and will receive a high school diploma once they complete the necessary requirements to graduate.

Allongé Program

The Cycle 1 Allongé program incorporates 50% more of each of the basic core courses – English, French and Math – in order to build your child’s foundational knowledge in these subjects before moving on to the Grade 7 curriculum. In addition, students will also have Physical Education and Health, Ethics and Religious Culture, a Resource period, and a pre-determined arts course which may include Visual Arts, Drama, or Dance.

The students who are being selected for this program have been identified as having a significant academic delay in English Language Arts, French Second Language, and Mathematics and would therefore greatly benefit from an extra “transition” year to build up their basic skills.

Successful students in this program will spend three years in Cycle 1 (as opposed to two  years) – their first year in this modified program will focus on improving their basic skills, followed by the secondary 1 & 2 resource curriculum, with adaptations as needed.

Students who are not ready to move on to the secondary 1 & 2 Resource Program after their year in the Allongé Program will be redirected to another school which can better address their individual needs.