Lester B. Pearson High School


The LBPHS Cafeteria takes pride in serving nutritious foods and balanced meals that will help keep students energized throughout the day. All meals are prepared and served by our cafeteria staff. These meals are made using high-quality ingredients and promote healthy eating.

Cafeteria and hot lunch services are regularly supervised by EMSB food technicians and dietitians to ensure that the food provided to students is appealing, in addition to being nutritious and safe. Also, nutrition support programs are offered to provide guidance and encouragement to our students in meeting their nutritional needs.

Weight and Yoga Rooms

Our students have access to a fully furnished weight room, which includes cardio machines, free weights and muscular machines. For those that enjoy some down time, we have a new yoga room that can help students meditate or unwind. Our weight room and yoga room are used as part of the Physical education program at Lunchtime and after school.


LBPHS has an elevator for students with mobility issues and is restricted to those unable to use the stairs. Permission must be obtained from the administration. Students using the elevator must be accompanied by a staff member.