EMSB will continue to maintain government COVID-19 measures

Montreal - Monday, August 10, 2020

The English Montreal School Board will continue to implement COVID-19 government protocols, including new measures announced today by Quebec Education Minister Jean-François Roberge, in advance of the first day of classes for the 2020-2021 academic year on August 31.

"The EMSB has been working on COVID-19 back-to-school protocols since last spring,” said EMSB Trustee Marlene Jennings. “A number of schools catering to special need and vulnerable students did successfully reopen. Adult Education and Vocational Services institutions have also been functioning under the new guidelines.

Newly announced measures

Masks will now become mandatory for students in Grades 5 and up in common areas and hallways, but not in the classroom. The original plan of small “bubbles” of students who would stay together has now been expanded to include the entire classroom.

Students who have a doctor’s note confirming that they or a family member have a health problem will be entitled to online learning from home. Online learning will also be implemented immediately for a class or a school in the event of a case of COVID-19. The EMSB Human Resources Department will take the necessary measures to ensure that staff are available for this purpose.

Under the updated guidelines, once a student has tested positive for the COVID-19, all parents and staff members of the school must be notified as soon as possible.

The EMSB will continue to communicate regularly with its stakeholders via a special Q&A section on its website and a COVID-19 newsletter.