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EMSB Teachers Recognized For Excellence

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Montreal - Friday, May 6, 2022

On the occasion of English Montreal School Board Teacher Recognition Day on May 5, three teachers were presented with special awards from restaurant franchiser Foodtastic, as well as certificates. The winners were profiled on television by promotion co-sponsor CityNews Montreal. You can watch that report here:

The EMSB launched this ceremony eight years ago to coincide with National Teachers Day in the United States and recognize this profession towards the end of the academic year.

The EMSB received many nominations from parents for the awards, which fall into three categories.  Foodtastic oversees such brands as  Souvlaki Bar,  La Belle & La Boeuf, Nickels, Monza,  Bacaro, Tommy, Au Coq, Rotisserie Benny, Copper Branch and Second Cup

Foodtastic will present $100 gift cards to: Noemie Battista, a music and Ethic and Religious Culture (ERC) teacher at Dunrae Gardens Elementary School in TMR; Andy D’Allessandro, physical education teacher at Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Leonard; and  Dr. Nikolay Krilov, a teacher in the Electromechanics Program at Rosemount Technology Centre.

The formal presentation took place in the schoolyard at Dunrae Gardens. On hand for the event was Lawrence Mammas, Chief Development Officer and co-owner with his brother  Peter of Foodtastic. Both Lawrence and Peter attended Dunrae Gardens. 

Noemi Battista

Noemi Battista has been teaching for 10 years, the past five at Dunrae Gardens.

“In these challenging and uncertain times, we all try to manage the best we can,” said Dunrae Gardens Governing Board Chair  Anna Tsouluhas. “Some of us, on the other hand, are not only able to do so but also manage to help others do so in the process.  Noemie is one such individual.  She has been a constant force of optimism for Dunrae Gardens.  As a teacher, she is always available and takes the time to discuss important issues with the students and to address their concerns.  

“During the pandemic especially, her classes and music lessons have been a source of reassurance and joy. Not only is she creative with her music, she has persevered in keeping Dunrae’s music alive and showcasing our students’ talents during a time when restrictions would have made it seem impossible to do so.  Our Glee Club didn’t miss a beat; and we have accessible, uploaded video recordings of each class singing in lieu of concerts that were not allowed to be held.”

Principal Despina Michakis adds:   “As a colleague, her compassion for her co-workers and willingness to support new staff and administration has contributed immensely to our school’s continued success and will continue to drive it forward.”

Ms. Battista said that she always knew she wanted to be a teacher at the elementary level because she enjoys interacting with kids of that age group. “Being a music and an ERC specialist is wonderful,” she says. “ I adore building relationships with everyone in the school. Also, teaching my students to truly love and appreciate music is one of the reasons why I chose this profession.

“What I like most about my job is seeing my students experience the same passion and interest as me during a lesson. The practice of forgetting about academic obligations, as well as work-related responsibilities, isn't always easy for teachers, as well as students. When I observe an appreciation and an excitement for the material taught in class, it is the greatest gift of all.”

When she began her career as a music teacher, Ms. Battista started a  Glee Club, which allows for students to share their passion for singing and performing.  Each year she works with her colleagues to plan Grade 6 graduation performances. In fact, she often prepares a medley for the students based on their graduation theme and the students who perform it.   Ms. Battista carefully plans themed concerts. Outside of music she is responsible for the school’s compost program. During ERC classes, she and her colleagues, trained all of the students how to recycle and compost. She also assigned compost monitors for every class at lunch time.

Andy D'Allessandro

group of peopleAndy D’Allesandro has been a physical education and health teacher for 32 years. He began working at Laurier Macdonald High School in 1995.

“I choose this profession because once I completed high school, I started coaching track and field at John Paul I Junior High School  and Laurier Macdonald. I also coached basketball at two other high schools while I was completing my studies in commerce at Vanier college. I decided to change my field of studies and  go into education in university so that I could combine coaching and teaching young individuals Becoming a physical education teacher gave me that opportunity.”

Mr. D’Allesandro says that what he most enjoys about his job is seeing how rewarding it is when a student has improved in a skill or activity. “The confidence and skills learned in class can be applied outside the classroom,” he says. “I hope to provide a role model for my students. The thing I'm proud of most is seeing how many of my former students have come physical education teachers.”

Principal Cristina Celzi said that Mr. D’Alessandro is a true leader and a pleasure to work with. “He is always looking for more ways to provide health and fitness opportunities for our students,” she said. “He organizes so many extra-curricular activities and is often the last teacher to leave the building.  He is a leader in our school for staff and students alike and it’s an extra bonus that some parents also had him as a teacher. The fact that so many former students come back to visit him is a testament to the impact he’s had on so many lives over the years. We are very lucky to have him at LMAC.”

Dr. Nikolay Krilov

Dr. Krilov was born and raised in Uzbekistan and he came to Canada in 1998. He has been teaching at RTC since 2003.

RTC groupThe Supreme Attestation Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan conferred  a Ph.D. for  Physics and Mathematics on Dr. Krivlov in 1994.   He  graduated from Tashkent State University, majoring in physics with a specialization in physical electronics in 1975.  IN  Canada he completed a  post graduate program in Wireless Telecommunications   at Humber College in Toronto. He also  took two courses at McGill and completed Secondary School Vocational Program to meet the Quebec Ministry of Education’s requirements to teach at vocational school.

“I must share this honor with a big RTC team of administrators, teachers, and support staff,  who in fact making my teaching so much more  effective,” he says.

Dr. Krivlov began teaching since when he was a student himself in Uzbekistan more than 40 years ago.  “I did research in fundamental science, research and development in industrial projects, and automation in different fields,” he said.

At RTC, Dr. Krivlov teaches electrical and electronic courses in the Automation Systems Electromechanics program such as checking electrical circuits, industrial electronics circuits, analyzing logic circuits   and maintaining motor circuits. 

“All professions are important and necessary for society, but teaching can form the future of society in a friendlier, efficient, and prosperous way,” he says. “ By sharing knowledge and skills with students, teachers create a foundation for students’ success in life. “

RTC Principal John Pevec notes that Dr. Krilov is truly a valuable resource. “Beyond his 20 years of teaching experience with us,  he’s also proven to be flexible, reliable, knowledgeable and extremely patient with his colleagues and his students,” he says. “His genuine love of teaching, mixed with a caring personality and a true passion for science, combine to create a one-of-a-kind individual who enjoys walking into class every day.”  

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