School Program

Beginner Spanish

The Spanish language option is very compelling for students seeking to inject an international flair to their curriculum. There are two levels available: Beginner Spanish at the Secondary IV level, which can be followed up by Intermediate Spanish at the Secondary V level.

This course is designed for students to begin their journey through the worldwide influence of the Spanish language and culture, from the basics of grammar and pronunciation to the intricacies and history of the various regions of different Hispanic speaking countries. By the end of both the Beginner and Intermediate programs, students should be able to understand and use moderate Spanish and have a better knowledge of the societies where the language flourishes around the world. Their exposure to the artwork, writing and filmmaking of Spanish individuals will give them a broader appreciation of the contributions of Hispanic personalities in media and their grasp of the spoken word will have them conversing colloquially between their colleagues, as well as the ability to present information on chosen topics with formal diction.