Whether students are having trouble with a difficult subject, or want to increase their average, teachers and staff at Lester B. Pearson offer many tutorial sessions and help to their students.

2018-2019 Teacher Websites & Tutorial Schedules

Name E-Mail Address Website Tutorials
G. Alfiero galfiero@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
G. Anania ganania@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
A. Antonacci aantonacci@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
C. Antonacci cantonacci@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Audet maudet@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Barba mbarba@emsb.qc.ca Mr. Barba's Class Schedule
C. Benamron cbenamron@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
G. Chan gchan@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
C. Clarabut cclarabut@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Cocco mcocco@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
S. Cristiano mcristiano@emsb.qc.ca Cristiano Science Schedule
S. Cullati scullati@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
A. Di Cesare adicesare@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
F. Di Mora fdimora@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
C. Di Sorbo cdisorbo@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Fajertag MFajertag@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Fiore mfiore@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
C. Fortin cfortin@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Gnanendran mgnanendran@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
S. Greco sgreco@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
D. Guillemette dguillemette@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
A. Hoyt ahoyt@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
P. Jones pjones@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
P. Karpontinis pkarpontinis@emsb.qc.ca Social Studies Schedule
F. Laberge flaberge@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
P. Labrecque plabrecque@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
L. Lacourse llacourse@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
J. Lakhian jkaurlakhian@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M.N. LeClerc mleclerc@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
T. Licursi alicursi@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
R. Livick rlivick@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
S. Léger sleger1@emsb.qc.ca  
S. Magliocco smagliocco@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Mastromonaco mmastromonaco@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
P. Mayard pmayard@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
J. McLaughlin jmclaughlin@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
A. Montaque amontaque@emsb.qc.ca  
T. Morabito tmorabito@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
D. Moranelli dmoranelli@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Moreau mmoreau@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
R. Mucci rmucci@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Palumbo mpalumbo@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
J. Panetta jpanetta@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
J. Paternostro jpaternostro@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
R. Pe rpe@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
S. Pisaturo spisaturo@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
N. Proce nproce@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
N. Rafael nrafael@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
L. Rizzuto lrizzuto@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
G. Romain gromain@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Ruscitti mruscitti@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
S. Sementilli ssementilli@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
P. Seremetis pseremetis@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
V. Shahrzad-Asr vshahrzadasr@emsb.qc.ca Mr. Shah's Class Schedule
J. Ste-Croix jste.croix@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
F. Teoli fteoli-colatrella@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
S. Trnkus strnkus@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
M. Wakeman mwakeman@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
E. Ward eward@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
S. Zagury szagury@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule
S. Ziga sziga@emsb.qc.ca   Schedule

2015 Final Exam Schedule

Final Exams are from June 8th to June 19th 2015. Make sure you are ready for your exams by downloading the exam schedules below!

Juniors (Sec 1 & 2)

Seniors (Sec 3 - 5)

Math Help Centre

The Math Help Centre is available for students who wish to improve their math skills. Teachers are available in the morning, during lunch period or after school.

Please click below to consult the latest schedule:

If the center is closed during one of the scheduled sessions, a message will be written on the board located outside room 3226b.

Math Exam Review Tutorials

SOS Learn Online Tutoring

SOS Learn is a free service offering online homework help and tutoring with real classroom teachers.